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"Be the change that you whish to see in the world"

Mahatma Ghandi

The Manifesto of "a Piece of Peace"

We dream with a world that is beautiful and safe for everyone to live in freedom, fully being themselves. Including animals and nature.


We believe in the sacred, soothing and transformative power of beauty.


We believe that when our Soul awakens to recognise the innate beauty in everything, we start feeling connected to everything that surrounds us.


We believe that style and art are expressions of unique Soul vibrations, not just mere things that cover or decorate our bodies and homes.


For us, style and art are sacred adornments of our Soul temples : our body and home.

A PIECE OF PEACE is born as a fusion of art, style, beauty and consciousness.


They carry a certain frequency, a sacred message. A light code.


Above all, they carry the frequency of LOVE.


A PIECE OF PEACE is our prayer to restore unconditional love that we know is possible in our planet.


Our hope for a new state of innocence, wonder and reverence for all life.


We believe in the pure, innocent JOY of being alive in this divine human life.


A PIECE OF PEACE is consecrated to promote quiet of the Mind, openness of the Heart, and the expression of the Soul.


You are invited to dream with us a new dream for ALL.


For a dream to become a reality, action is required. We’ve been guided to create A PIECE OF PEACE Foundation to support life and those who carry the medicine of innocence : children, animals and nature.


By purchasing A PIECE OF PEACE scarves you are contributing to make this new dream for all possible.

With love and gratitude

Carolina Samiel & Eric