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"True beauty consists of purity of heart."


Creators of a Piece of Peace

Carolina Samiel

Samiel is an Alchemist of the Soul, facilitating since 2009 the transformation of consciousness for the creation of the new humanity. Samiel holds deep healing spaces for people to come together, heal and awaken to their divine human essence. 


Since a little girl, Samiel knew that she was not going to be a biological mother. Her focus since early age is in how we can create this world as a beautiful, safe, loving place for all being to thrive by being who they came here to be. 


Her personal process to accept and express her own creative power led her to be trained in techniques of conscious body work, quantum psychology, biodecoding, energetic healing and shamanic spiritual traditions of South America. Her work is inspired by the deep teachings of nature - the Greatest Alchemist - and animals - role models of beingness. 


Today she lives and teaches between Spain and Switzerland, and holds global classes and mentorship programs. 


Her heart and dream is to bring A Piece of Peace to the Heart and Soul of all humans, restoring the beauty we are capable of creating. 


After working for many years in marketing, Eric decided to reorient his professional life, now working in the socio-educational field in a large institution in Geneva that cares for children at noon and after school.


Death is the subject of healing and evolution of his life.


Guided by journeys in the light and by the energy and vibrations that surround him, he expresses what passes through him and shares what he senses through his inspired celestial and cosmic creations.


Feel the vibrations and energies of these Ahimsa silk portals created in the energy of love and let yourself be guided as your energy is beautiful!


"Do not expect anything from the man if he works for his own life and not for his eternity. "Antoine de Saint-Exupéry