Developed by Waqar Hassan

This silk portal design carries the medicine of Connection with your Heart, being a powerful support as you open to your full potential to love.


  • The Dragon Fly is present in this exquisite mandala as a totem animal to protect you and guide you as you open your heart. A symbol of transformation, Dragon Flies encourage you to trust the flow of your own, unique path.

    The peace frequency of ahimsa silk  - material that Gandhi promoted to use during meditation since it respects animal life and the natural rhytms of nature - combined with the light codes channeled through the art, give this "silk portal" powerful healing virtues that can accom pany you during your :

    • meditations;
    • rituals;
    • sadhana practices & spiritual connections;
    • healing process;
    • yoga practice.


    Wear it as a fashion accessory for protection, healing and connection. It can serve as a decoration on the wall, sofas or bed.

    It is a great accessory to keep your cristals, bowls or other energy-sensitive objects.


    Use it to help you relax, sleep or meditate, by wearing it or simply on deep contemplation.


    Production :  18 pieces ethically produced in India.


    Material :


    Portal : 100% ahimsa silk.

    Pouch : 100% organic cotton.


    Size : 111 cmts x 111 cmts


    Weight :


    Contribution :  For each product, we plant 2 trees in the tropical rainforests.

    Reference : REF #002LOV


    Price :  140€


    In stock : 14 pieces